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          We are fully aware and understand the unique hygiene challenges posed by modern washroom in an increasingly globalised India. Hence we have factored in some key variables in our hygiene offerings for the modern offices like contamination free dispenser design, high volume capacity, minimal staff effort and time requirement and reduction of wastage. In the housekeeping pioneering spirit we are the only company to have understood the problems of small offices with low volume, compact space and infrequent use. Hence we have a wide range of products and solutions suited to varying office sizes.
          Washroom Etiquette Program: For the offices – we also entered into a special initiative of training the employees on the right ways to use the modern washroom amenities. An audio visual CD with posters is being reached out many offices to help them induct their new joinees on Washroom Etiquette!
      Do ask for your copy of this CD: customercare@pudumjeehygiene.com


      Recommended Hygiene Products in offices!
      Hygiene in Washroom:
    2. Toilet Seat Covers
    3. Toilet rolls
    4. Hand wash solutions
    5. Hand Drying solutions
    6. Hand Sanitising
    7. Odour Control     Solutions
    8. Automatic Virtual     Janitor
    9. Cleaning solutions
    10. Kitchen and Cafeteria:
    11. Hand wash solutions
    12. Hand Drying solutions
    13. Hand Sanitising     Solutions
    14. Kitchen Roll towels
    15. Paper Napkins
    16. Table / Bed covers
    17. Wet wipes
    18. Cleaning solutions
    19. Workspace Hygiene
    20. Cleaning solutions
    21. Odour Control     Solutions
    22. Ozone generator
    23. Facial Tissues
    24. Wet wipes
    25. Hand Sanitising     Solutions
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      School & College
           The best schools often have a line up of awards – Sports, Academics, Extra curricular, but they may unknowingly lack behind on basic hygiene. How often do school authorities ask students or parents whether they’re satisfied with the restrooms, or the canteens? Or teach children how to use a Western-style loo? Or ensure that the restrooms never run out of soap and towels? The modern hygiene facilities do pose a challenge for the highly crowded schools. Besides, lack of hygiene takes away many productive school days in terms of absenteeism of either the child or the teacher.
           In our aim to help schools; lead students in School Restrooms from Soap to good citizenship to improve complete wellness," we have been meeting school principals regularly helping them choose the right hygiene products and maintain good hygiene in their schools
      Download: Hygiene Awareness Posters for classrooms / Washrooms.
      Recommended products for hygiene in Schools!
      Hygiene in Washroom:
    27. Toilet rolls
    28. Hand wash solutions
    29. Hand Drying solutions
    30. Hand Sanitising Solutions
    31. Odour Control Solutions
    32. Automatic Virtual Janitor
    33. Cleaning solutions
    34. Kitchen and Cafeteria:
    35. Hand wash solutions
    36. Kitchen Roll towels
    37. Paper Napkins
    38. Table / Bed covers
    39. Odour Control Solutions
    40. Cleaning solutions
    41. Classroom & Staffroom Hygiene:
    42. Cleaning solutions
    43. Facial Tissues
    44. Wet wipes
    45. Hand Sanitising Solutions
    46. Auditoriums :
    47. Cleaning solutions
    48. Odour Control Solutions
    49. Hand Sanitising Solutions
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      Multiplex / Mall
          A complete entertaining and refreshing experience alone can leave behind a long lasting impression assuring consumer loyalty and repeat visits to a mall or a multiplex. Pudumjee very well understands the critical need and challenges in maintaining a crowded common washroom in the same way as the inside shops or the well decorated lobbies of a mall; and our well experienced staff and offerings are ever available to suit the needs of this sector. Whilst a stuffy cinema hall can put off the customers for ever; a clean smelling washroom can go a long way in bringing back your customers time and again.
      Download posters for : Mens Washroom : Women Washroom
      Recommended products for hygiene in Multiplex & Mall !
      Hygiene in Washroom:
    51. Toilet Seat Covers
    52. Toilet rolls
    53. Hand wash solutions
    54. Hand Drying solutions
    55. Hand Sanitising Solutions
    56. Odour Control Solutions
    57. Automatic Virtual Janitor
    58. Cleaning solutions
    59. Kitchen and Cafeteria:
    60. Hand hygiene solutions
    61. Kitchen Roll towels
    62. Paper Napkins
    63. Wet wipes
    64. Cleaning solutions
    65. Within shops or cinema halls Hygiene:
    66. Cleaning solutions
    67. Odour Control Solutions
    68. Hand Sanitisers at entrance
    69.   Top
      Airport / Railway
          The new mantra of our Travel and Tourism Ministry is: Hygiene, Comfort and Care. And, what's more, the average Indian traveler has come to expect it. In a globalised economy they are exposed to international hygiene solutions that are safe and convenient. That's not all. Today, India attracts tourists from the world over.
          We too are committed to the cause of a 'Clean India', and have done our bit by making our washrooms cleaner and better equipped drawing from our extensive experience. Our hygiene solutions like the odor control systems provide a clean and pleasant rail travel experience across India. Our pocket packs of facial tissues, toilet seat covers and sanitizers have made travelling safe and convenient for Indian commuters.
          Our compact dispensers add to the style and functionality of small but high-traffic washrooms of railways and airplanes with wall-mounted features and closed locking systems, other than preventing the spread of infections. We continue our efforts to innovate and provide disposable bed covers / head-rest cover options to commuters in railways, airport lounges and deluxe buses.
      Download Washroom Posters : Men Washroom \ Women Washroom
      Recommended products for hygiene in Malls and Multiplexes !
      Hygiene in Washroom:
    70. Toilet Seat Covers
    71. Toilet rolls
    72. Hand wash solutions
    73. Hand Drying solutions
    74. Hand Sanitising Solutions
    75. Odour Control Solutions
    76. Automatic Virtual Janitor
    77. Cleaning solutions
    78. Kitchen and Cafeteria:
    79. Hand hygiene solutions
    80. Kitchen Roll towels
    81. Paper Napkins
    82. Wet wipes
    83. Cleaning solutions
    84. Within Railway coaches or airplanes
    85. Cleaning solutions
    86. Odour Control Solutions
    87. Hand Sanitisers at entrance
    88. Facial tissues
    89. Paper napkins with tiffins
    90.   Top
      Hospital & Health center
          In health care centers hygiene is of paramount importance. Germs can spread easily leading to hospital acquired infection (HAI). Pudumjee hygiene’s range of special solutions ensures cleanliness and germ free hygienic environment. Incidentally the state of washrooms in a hospital or a healthcare center also leaves a lasting impression on patients and their loved ones.


      Recommended Hygiene Products in offices !
      Hygiene in Washroom:
    91. Toilet Seat Covers
    92. Toilet rolls
    93. Hand wash solutions
    94. Hand Drying solutions
    95. Hand Sanitising Solutions
    96. Odour Control Solutions
    97. Automatic Virtual Janitor
    98. Cleaning solutions
    99. Kitchen and Cafeteria:
    100. Hand hygiene solutions
    101. Kitchen Roll towels
    102. Paper Napkins
    103. Wet wipes
    104. Cleaning solutions
    105. In-Room / OPD Hygiene:
    106. Cleaning solutions
    107. Odour Control Solutions
    108. Hand Sanitisers at entrance
    109. Disposable Paper Bed
         covers for OPDs
    110. Wet wipes
    111.   Top
      Hotel & Restaurant
             The unique needs of hospitality sector – odd working hours, varied consumer demands and need for perfection at all hours requires all time attention to minute details in each corner. We have been able to successfully deliver promising results in hospitality hygiene with our wide range of products and specialization in gift- kits that bring a smile on your consumer’s face. Our commitment to timely deliveries makes our partnership with the large hotels a win-win situation for them. We respect the importance of client’s brand logo in this sector and humbly deliver to satisfy with exemptions done on our pack sizes and shapes.
      Recommended Hygiene Products in Hospitality sector !
      Hygiene in Washroom:
    112. Toilet Seat Covers
    113. Toilet rolls
    114. Hand wash solutions
    115. Hand Drying solutions
    116. Hand Sanitising Solutions
    117. Odour Control Solutions
    118. Automatic Virtual Janitor
    119. Cleaning solutions
    120. Kitchen and Cafeteria:
    121. Hand hygiene solutions
    122. Kitchen Roll towels
    123. Paper Napkins
    124. Wet wipes
    125. table Bed Covers
    126. Cleaning solutions
    127. In-Rooms / Reception /
      Lobby Hygiene

    128. Cleaning solutions
    129. Odour Control Solutions
    130. Hand Sanitisers at entrance
    131. Wet wipes
    132. Facial Tissues
    133.   Top
      Catering Service
          The well decorated and hygienic services from a caterer always add to their business reputation and the smiles on the faces of their customers. A simple thoughtful gesture of providing the right size of paper napkin or a bottle of sanitiser just before the plate is picked up goes a long way in building your business. Similarly a wet wipe provided to clean up the messy hands between meals does add to the convenience of the guests and the pride of the customer.
      Recommended Hygiene Products for Caterers !
      Kitchen and Cafeteria:
    134. Hand hygiene solutions
    135. Kitchen Roll towels
    136. Paper Napkins
    137. Wet wipes
    138. Cleaning solutions
    139. Reception / Lobby Hygiene
    140. Hand Sanitisers at entrance
    141. Wet wipes
    142. Facial Tissues
    143.   Top
      Fitness / Beauty center / SPA
          The refreshing ambience in your health or fitness center does relax your customers. Pudumjee understand the unique needs of this sector in managing unforeseen rush and special demands at odd hours from some regular customers. Our dual toilet roll dispensers and dual liquid soap cum shampoo or sanitiser dispensers are a perfect solution for this sector that can double up the utility in compact spaces and add to the ambience as well. A sanitiser bottle at each workstation can go a long way in showing your customers how much you care about their health.
      Recommended Hygiene Products in Health and Fitness sector !
      Hygiene in Washroom:
    144. Toilet Seat Covers
    145. Toilet rolls
    146. Hand wash solutions
    147. Hand Drying solutions
    148. Hand Sanitising Solutions
    149. Odour Control Solutions
    150. Automatic Virtual Janitor
    151. Cleaning solutions
    152. Kitchen and Cafeteria:
    153. Hand hygiene solutions
    154. Kitchen Roll towels
    155. Paper Napkins
    156. Wet wipes
    157. Cleaning solutions
    158. Workstation / Reception Hygiene
    159. Facial Tissues
    160. Odour Control Solutions
    161. Hand Sanitisers at entrance
    162. Wet wipes
    163.    Top
      In Your Home!
          More than anything else, tissues come in contact with our food and skin in our day-to-day life. Hence, it is imperative that they are 100% safe. That is precisely what Pudumjee Hygiene Private Limited promises and delivers. Our tissues are totally safe, as a result of our chlorine-free manufacturing process and FDA-compliant raw materials. Among what we have to offer are innovative products like kitchen roll stands and toilet seat covers for protection in common toilets.
           Pudumjee Hygiene’s “Greenlime” tissues now proudly occupy shelf-space in most modern-format outlets in major cities and towns in India. Regular consumer feedback and market data from research agencies drives the evolution of all our products.
          Being an ISO-certified company, Pudumjee Hygiene adheres to best Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management Systems. All the inputs for manufacturing and packaging our tissue products are food-grade in compliance with FDA norms, making our products 100% safe on skin and food. ISO certification also opens up our units for secret inspections, keeping us ever-vigilant to serve our customers with assured quality products.
      Greenlime - Products for your Home:
    164. Facial Tissues
    165. Wet Wipes
    166. Kitchen rolls
    167. Kitchen roll Dispensers
    168. Paper napkins
    169. Toilet rolls
    170. Toilet roll Dispenser
    171. Odour Control Solutions
    172. Toilet seat covers
    173. Liquid Handwash
    174. Hand Sanitiser
    175. Cleaning solutions
    176. Odor control solution
    177.     Top