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    2. The Pudumjee Group

    3. Chairman Message

    4. Our Credentials

    5. Tissue Expertise

    6. Environmental Commitment
      The Pudumjee Group
          Pudumjee Hygiene Products Limited is a part of the prestigious Pudumjee Group with the well-known Pudumjee Pulp and Paper Mill Limited   (PPPML) and Pudumjee Industries Limited (PIL) as the flagship companies.

      ? Incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 1964

      ? India's pioneers in Speciality Paper making

      ? Manufacture India's most diverse range of high-value, Speciality Papers, including Greaseproof, Glassine and Wet-strength Papers, Decor   Papers, Engineering Papers, Flexible Packaging Paper, Security Papers, Silicone Release Base Papers, Stamp-based MICR Cheque Paper and   Tissue Products

      ? Installed capacity in excess of 75,000 TPA of various grades of Speciality Papers

      ? Leadership position in supply of tissue hard rolls for both Virgin and Recycled fibre; 60% market needs met by Pudumjee Group

      ? Equity shares are listed on BSE and NSE

      ? First mill in the country to install microprocessor-based controls in various process applications

      ? Selected as a model unit by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

      ? IS0 14001 company

      ? Extensive distribution network covering all commercial cities in India

      ? Sales turnover in excess of U.S $ 72.5 Million

      ? Consistent investments on modernization programs to upgrade plant and machinery matching the best in the world standards

      Pudumjee Hygiene Products Ltd.

      ? Incorporated in December 2004 with an aim to convert and market quality bundle of Integrated Hygiene

      ? Has exclusive tissue converting agreements with 50,000 sq. ft. converting plants each in Pune, Bengaluru & Bhiwadi

      ? We have adopted a holistic approach to hygiene, laying strong emphasis on ‘Customization’

      ? Our business is broadly classified into two main sections - Institutional and Retail. While the base products are largely the same in both   markets, we are uniquely structured to meet the diverse and specific requirements of both markets separately; with our extensive reach in    more than 35 key commercial cities of India

      ? Our products meet the best international Quality Standards with Chlorine Free Pulp and Processes, FDA compliant raw materials and 3 ISO   certifications for our systems – (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 22000:2005)

      Our Vision
          In an emerging economy such as ours, personal hygiene and sanitation should not be the privilege of a select few, but should be within the reach of India's teeming millions, aspiring for a better quality of life and a healthier tomorrow.
      Our Mission
          To be the first movers in our chosen field of personal and environmental hygiene products and provide value. Our customers are people who value innovative personal and environmental hygiene products.

      Our strategy is to :

      ? Anticipate our customers' needs

      ? Research global trends to find ways to meet these needs

      ? Introduce products that are innovative from our customers' viewpoint

      ? Ensure best products at the best price

      ? Provide a wide product range with consistent quality and availability

      ? Set trends through our products, marketing, sales and distribution approach

          Our people are a talent pool strategizing to approach and implement our collective mission while respecting individuality.

          In the pursuit of high performance and customer care, Pudumjee Hygiene has adopted a holistic approach to hygiene, laying strong emphasis on 'complete hygiene systems' rather than isolated 'off the shelf products'. Its hygiene solutions are scientifically designed to meet specific needs and challenges of institutional washrooms and workplaces.
      Future Plans  
         Our future plans reflect our philosophy: To energize and refresh the washroom experience. To look for ways to better the hygiene experience in homes, offices, shops, showrooms, kitchens and pantries. To match global trends in hygiene solutions. To innovate. And to do all this while remaining committed to best prices and the environment.