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      Institutional Products
    2. Odor Neutraliser New Refill

    3. Greenlime Super Soft Facial Tissue

    4. Greenlime Cube Box

    5. Foam Soap Dispenser

    6. Curvz Soap Dispenser

    7. Sensor Automatic Soap Dispenser

    8. Center Pull Compact Towel Dispenser

    9. Heavy Duty C-Fold Towel Dispenser
      Odor Neutraliser New Refill
      Greenlime Super Soft Facial Tissue
      Greenlime Cube Box
      Foam Soap Dispenser
      Curvz Soap Dispenser
          This special dispenser is the delight of those who value style. It is ergonomically designed and has no sharp or pointed edges, or corners.

      Salient Features
      ? Stylish design that suits all environment
      ? Elegant large push button design easy for operation.
      ? Clear Transparent viewing window that indicates at a glance the level of remaining soap.
      ? Made of highly durable ABS plastic material to ensure water resistant, maintenance free and long lasting performance.

      ? 750 ml

      Sensor Automatic Soap Dispenser

      Salient Features
      ? Automatically dispense the soap by utilizing the advanced infrared sensor-detecting technology Soap Dispenser provides liquid soap when it sense your hands.
      ? Just hold your hands at the level of the motion sensor, and it will provide you with liquid soap to get your hands squeaky clean.
      ? Great for liquid soaps, sanitizers, suitable for kitchen, bath desktop and workshop.

      ? 400 ml, Powered by 3 ‘AA’ batteries (not included)

      Code Description Unit/Sheet Size Packing Colour Case Count
      07410060 Sensor Automatic Soap Dispenser 185 (H) X 65 (W) X 165 (L) mm 1 Solid White 1unit
      08410005 Greenlime Liquid Handwashl 5 Ltr. 1 Pink 2 Cans Top
      Center Pull Compact Towel Dispenser

      Center Pull Compact Towel Dispenser
          This centerpull towel dispenser is a large capacity dispenser designed to reduce maintenance costs and provide a hygienic hand drying environment.

      Salient Features
      ? Large capacity allows long intervals between refills of the dispenser.
      ? Impact Resistant Cover
      ? Easy to use and reload
      ? Towel dispensers help eliminate waste

      ? 1 Rolls (Upto 350 mtrs.)

      Code Description Unit/Sheet Size Packing Colour Case Count
      07410061 Center Pull Towel Dispenser 214 (L) X 228 (W) X 286 (D) mm 1 Black 1unit
      02410037 Greenlime Center Pull Roll Towel 19 X 42.5 cms (350 mtrs.) 1 White 12 Roll Top
      Heavy Duty C-Fold Towel Dispenser

      Salient Features
      ? Sturdy Plastic cabinet stands up to years of use.
      ? Designed to dispense C-fold and Multi-fold towels.
      ? Dispenses one towel at a time—works efficiently in washrooms and food service areas.
      ? White color exterior

      ? 400 - 500 Towels

      Code Description Unit/Sheet Size Packing Colour Case Count
      07410063 Heavy Duty C Fold Towel Dispenser 128 (L) X 278 (W) X 380 (H) mm 1 Black 1unit
      01410016 Greelime 100% Virgin Fibre
      Multi - Fold Towel
      22.5 x 22.5 cms. 150 Towels 100 % Virgin
      20 Sleeves
      01410010 100 % Virgin C Fold Towel 21 X 32 cms. 150 Towels White 20 Sleeves Top