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      Retail Products Liquid Handwash
    2. Facial Tissue
    3. Napkins and Serviettes
    4. Kitchen Roll Dispenser
    5. Kitchen Towels
    6. Toilet Roll
    7. Toilet seat covers
    8. Cleaning Solutions
    9. Liquid Handwash
    10. Wet Wipes
    11. Economy Tissues-Lush
          Greenlime Liquid Handwash is an effective hand cleansing liquid that's gentle on hands but tough on germs.
      It is available in 5 variants-rose, sandal, peach, lemon and germ fighter.
      Salient Features of Greenlime Liquid Soaps
      • PH controlled formulation to protect skin
      • Rich formulation helps condition skin
      • Pleasant floral fragrance
      • Lathers well in hard water