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      Retail Products kitchen Towels
    2. Facial Tissue
    3. Napkins and Serviettes
    4. Kitchen Roll Dispenser
    5. Kitchen Towels
    6. Toilet Roll
    7. Toilet seat covers
    8. Cleaning Solutions
    9. Liquid Handwash
    10. Wet Wipes
    11. Economy Tissues-Lush
    12.   Wipes dirt, Absorbs spills, Preserves freshness
      Kitchen Towel 2 rolls pack Kitchen Towel 4 rolls pack Precut Kitchen Towel Sheet
          Greenlime's kitchen towels are 2-ply, extra-thick sheets known for their high wet-strength and excellent absorbency. They are ideal for a variety of needs at home. The unique cushion-design embossing provides better bulk, softness and absorbency. This top-quality tissue product comes with handy dispensers (either wall mounted or portable metal stand formats) for easy and convenient use and guarantee a super-clean kitchen. Kitchen towels not only wipe big spills and absorb excess oil, but also preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables, making them your best friend in the kitchen. They are available in roll and precut sheet forms. Branded inner cores on the rolls are a mark of quality.
      Salient Features of Greenlime Towels
      With high wet strength and excellent absorbency, Greenlime Kitchen Towels come in handy for a variety of uses at home:
    13. Cover the dishes to keep flies away
    14. Wrap around chapattis to keep them soft
    15. Keep in refrigerator under the vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh longer
    16. Wipe the kitchen platform, hand, tables plates
    17. FDA compliant raw materials make the tissue safe with food items.
      Wipes, soaks
      & clean messes
      excess oil
      Wrap & store vegetables to prevent freshness
      Prevent chapattis from turning soggy
      Hygienic wipe
      for your
      Precut Kitchen Towel Sheets  
      The new Greenlime Kitchen Towels Sheets are made from specially manufactured base sheets that ensure that the towel remains tough and does not shred even when wet. The towels are embossed for an international look and better absorption.
      Salient Features of Greenlime Kitchen Towels Sheets
      • Superior absorption and wet strength
      • Specially manufactured base sheet ensures that towel remains tough even when wet
      • Distinct embossing pattern for international look and better absorption
      • Each towel is of consistent size and quality