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      ...不卡免费无线观看_亚洲第一SE情网站_香蕉人人超人人超 Greenlime Tissues are safe on Food and Skin
      Hygiene and Tissue Insights
      Hand Dryer vs Paper Towels

      Greenlime C- Fold / M-Fold Paper Towels

      Salient Features
      • Special base sheet with high wet-strength ensures that towel doesn’t shred even when wet.
      • Distinct embossing pattern for extra absorbency.
      • Super soft for user satisfaction.
      • Low wastage.
      • Interfolded to ensure convenient one at a time dispensing .
      • Available in various GSMs.


      Greenlime - The 100% Safe Tissues..
      For tissues to deliver a satisfying experience, they must be manufactured using the correct base sheets to meet the requirements of different usages.

      Greenlime 100% Kitchen Towels: Greenlime kitchen towels have extra ply strength, high wet strength, do not shred during usage.

      Greenlime 100% Facial Tissue: Greenlime facial tissues have extra fluffiness, are super soft, and tender. Their non sticky, shred free performance on the body leaves feeling and lingering freshness.

      Greenlime 100% Toilet Rolls: Greenlime toilet rolls have to disintegrate quickly in water and prevent clogging of toilet drains.

      Food & skin friendly: Our Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulp process and food grade certified raw materials ensure that tissues are 100% safe and hygienic.

      Greenlime Toilet Tissue Test
      A toilet roll tissue is designed to disintegrate in water when flushed to avoid clogging of drainage
      Immerse a tissue sheet in water Stir for a few seconds simulating flushing See the sheet disintegrating
      Greenlime Toilet Tissue
      Prevent infections- Wipe yourself dry after using toilets with Greenlime Toilet Roll, to prevent infections and bacteria breeding on moist skin.

      Greenlime Kitchen Roll Test
      Spray some water on the sheet, the water spreads across the sheet and is absorbed immediately. That's because they are made from high wet strength base sheet to wipe dirt, grime and absorb water in your kitchen.
      Now repeat the above tests using ordinary tissues. You will see they are just a compromise. See for yourself the 100% difference between Greenlime Tissues and others.

      Kitchen Towel - The Right Tissue to absorb Oil
      Napkin Kitchen Towel
      Use paper napkin only for wiping hands & mouth. It is a thin tissue which sticks on oily food. Kitchen towel is thick tissue which absorbs oil without tearing. lt can also be used to clean kitchen slab.