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      Retail Products Hand sanitizers
    2. Facial Tissue
    3. Napkins and Serviettes
    4. Kitchen Roll Dispenser
    5. Kitchen Towels
    6. Toilet Roll
    7. Toilet seat covers
    8. Cleaning Solutions
    9. Liquid Handwash
    10. Hand Sanitizer
    11. Wet Wipes
    12. Economy Tissues-Lush
          The Greenlime range of odorless hand sanitizers is available in convenient sizes. They do not need water and hence can be used wherever required; even during travel. Choose the water-free way to advanced hand hygiene.
          Greenlime Hand Sanitizer is an effective disinfectant that kills 99.9% germs. Its moisturizing quality keeps the skin soft and hands clean without the need for water or soap.

      Salient Features
      ? Kills 99.9% germs on your hands
      ? Enhanced with moisturiser to keep your hands soft and smooth
      ? Pleasant fragrance keeps your hands refreshed
      ? Suited for all skin types
      ? Absolutely safe and gentle enough to use several times a day