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      Retail Products Cleaning Solutions
    2. Facial Tissue
    3. Napkins and Serviettes
    4. Kitchen Roll Dispenser
    5. Kitchen Towels
    6. Toilet Roll
    7. Toilet seat covers
    8. Cleaning Solutions
    9. Liquid Handwash
    10. Wet Wipes
    11. Economy Tissues-Lush

      ProFresh Glass Cleaner
      Greenlime ProFresh Glass Cleaner is a powerful general purpose cleansing agent for a variety of household items such as computers, windows, electrical appliances, gas stoves etc.

      ProSafe Toilet Cleaner
      ProSafe Toilet Cleaner is a superior, specially formulated disinfectant with lime power. It is tough on dirt and germs, removes stubborn stains and leaves the toilet clean, fresh and sparkling white.

      ProFresh Dish Wash Liquid
      ProFresh Dish Wash Liquid is a ideal for stainless steel, Cutlery and non stick cookware, Cost effective, Cleans out the toughest grease, Burnt stains.