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      Institutional Products Automatic Virtual Janitor
    2. Personal Seat cover Dispenser
    3. Washroom Solutions
    4. Hand Hygiene Solutions
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    6. Odor Neutralizer Dispenser
    7. Virtual Janitor Dispenser
    8. Pantry Hygiene Solutions
    9. Desktop & Cafeteria Tissues
    10. Large Bed Rolls
    11. Greenlime Natural Tissues
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      This automatic, battery-operated device cleans and deodourises toilets and urinals 24X7, leaves behind a lingering fragrance and considerably saves housekeeping time and effort. This system keeps the washroom...

      Always clean
      ? Programmed dispensing operates round the clock
      ? Powerful cleaning solution prevents unsightly stains and scaling
      ? Concentrated foaming action cleans everywhere water goes
      ? Anti-bacterial agents fight bacteria
      ? Surfactants prevent clogging of drains, pipes and traps

      Always odour-free
      ? Continuous cleaning eliminates odours at the source
      ? Powerful formula helps reduce bacteria and fungi, which generate malodours

      Always fresh
      The Virtual Janitor cleaner and deodouriser refills neutralise unpleasant odours and
      leave a clean, fresh fragrance.

      Salient Features
      ? Easy-to-maintain — streamlined cabinet design that is easy to clean
      ? Easy to refill
      ? Easy-to-install
      ? Easy to program
      ? Services 1 or 2 urinals/toilets at a time
      ? Userfriendly programming buttons
      ? Continuous, consistent dispensing
      ? On-off switch with audio reinforcement option
      ? Up to 1 year of battery life
      ? Choice of 3 programming options to meet your needs — 15/30/60 days.