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      Retail Products Toilet Rolls
    2. Facial Tissue
    3. Napkins and Serviettes
    4. Kitchen Roll Dispenser
    5. Kitchen Towels
    6. Toilet Roll
    7. Toilet seat covers
    8. Cleaning Solutions
    9. Liquid Handwash
    10. Wet Wipes
    11. Economy Tissues-Lush


       Greenlime's toilet rolls are made with advanced, hands-free technology and are safe on the skin. These 2-ply rolls are extremely soft, and disintegrate quickly in water to prevent clogged drains. Moist skin breeds bacteria. Hence, it makes very good sense to keep your skin dry with toilet tissue sheets and stay away from infections.
      Greenlime Toilet Tissue Test
      A toilet roll tissue is designed to disintegrate in water when flushed to avoid clogging of drainage
      Immerse a tissue sheet in water Stir for a few seconds simulating flushing See the sheet disintegrating
      Greenlime Toilet Tissue
      Prevent infections- Wipe yourself dry after using toilets with Greenlime Toilet Roll, to prevent infections and bacteria breeding on moist skin.