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          In a high-traffic, common washroom the single biggest contributor to the spread of infections is the common toilet seat. Pudumjee Hygiene's disposable toilet seat cover ensures protection from such infections. This personalized hygiene solution ensures not only cleanliness but also assures your guests and employees, a hygienic and germ free toilet seat every time.

      Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
          This sleek dispenser prevents toilet seat covers from becoming damp or dusty in the moistureladen atmosphere of washrooms. Further, their stylish looks enhance the ambience of washrooms. ? Enclosed design prevents cross-contamination

      Salient Features
      ? Simple, easy-to-dispense mechanism; no complex levers to push
      ? One-at-a-time dispensing ensures minimal wastage
      ? Available in white and special chrome finish

      Disposable Toilet Seat Cover
          This innovative product not only ensures complete personal cleanliness, but also a hygienic and germ-free toilet seat every time you use it.

      Salient Features
      ? Ideal for high-traffic washrooms
      ? Made from bio-degradable, environment-friendly recycled paper
      ? Convenient disposal as the sheet gets sucked into the commode on flushing
      ? Also available in easyto- carry pocket packs