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    13.     Foods and beverages can get contaminated quite easily. Human hands are the carriers of innumerable germs. Keeping hands and kitchen surfaces clean is absolutely imperative. Our super-absorbent kitchen rolls deliver a non-messy performance by soaking up heavy spills. They are also good at preserving vegetables and fruits. Pudumjee Hygiene offers a range of automatic, auto-cut tissue dispensers, napkins and hand sanitisers that meet the stringent hygiene demands of this industry. Being an SO-certified company, Pudumjee Hygiene adheres to best Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management Systems. All the inputs for manufacturing and packaging our tissue products are food-grade in compliance with FDA norms, making our products 100% safe on skin and food. ISO certification also opens up our units for secret inspections keeping us ever-vigilant to serve our customers with assured quality products. Business units from the food processing industry using ISO 22000 certified products stand a better chance of bagging the coveted HACCP and ISO 22000 certifications for their units, which will add value to their brand image.

      Centre Pull Hand Towel Dispenser
      Ideal for busy kitchens in large food-processing and manufacturing units, these robust ABS plastic dispensers offer the best wiping solution. In complete compliance with HACCP norms, these dispensers fully cover the tissue roll, allowing the user to touch only what they use; thus ensuring complete hygiene and preventing cross-contamination.

      Auto-cut Hand Towel Dispenser
      This takes kitchen hygiene to a higher level as the towel is automatically cut at a preset length, preventing the dispenser itself from being
      touched by contaminated hands. Besides, the neatly dispensed tissue sheets can be used to serve food on the table in a presentable and
      hygienic manner.

      Kitchen Roll Stand
      These stylish, powder-coated dispensers with a strong metal frame are easy to install, make the most of available space, and are low on
      maintenance. Their sharp self-installed cutter facilitates easy cutting of kitchen rolls.