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      Institutional Products Odor Neutralizer Dispenser
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    13.     Pudumjee Hygiene's automatic, user-friendly and battery-operated odour neutraliser delivers freshness through the latest technology to keep the ambience ever fresh. Ideal for modern-day washrooms, the device is programmable for up to 3 time-periods a day, with intermittent intervals to optimise fragrance when it is needed the most, thus fighting bad odour and keeping the environment refreshingly clean and fragrant throughout the day. It is also a boon for other relatively less ventillated spaces like conference rooms, reception areas, lounges, cafeterias, spas for a pleasurable experience.
      Salient Features
      • Bright LCD screen
      • Easy refill setting of 30/45/60 daysl
      • Up to 3,000 metred sprays per refill
      • Effective in room sizes of up to 6,000 sq. ft.
      • Keyed lock mechanism for added security
      • Choice of exquisite fragrances
      Product Specifications