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          This innovative new product—developed after much research and our understanding of the health care industry's needs—is a hygienic, multipurpose, disposable, tissue-based bed cover. It has gone a long way in preventing hospital-acquired infection. Ideal for the out-patient department and checkup rooms, this one-time, readyto- use couch roll is a thick, absorbent paper bed cover sheet used in roll form with a preset perforation length, and provides an amazing solution for germfree and clean bedding. It also frees health care personnel from the onerous task of washing and maintaining dirty beds in high-traffic situations. Designed for hygiene, cleaning and protection purposes, each roll is shrinkwrapped, and available in 1 ply and 2 ply in varied dimensions.




      Salient Features
      ? Saves daily cleaning and drying costs
      ? Eliminates contamination from reusable cloth bed sheets
      ? Use-and-throw, large-sized rolls save human effort, time and maintenance costs
      ? Superior wet-strength ensures they don't shred even when wet
      ? Totally chlorine-free manufacturing process and FDA-compliant raw materials make them completely safe on food and skin