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      Institutional Products Desktop & Cafeteria Tissues
    2. Personal Seat cover Dispenser
    3. Washroom Solutions
    4. Hand Hygiene Solutions
    5. C-Fold / M-Fold Paper Towels & Dispensers
    6. Odor Neutralizer Dispenser
    7. Virtual Janitor Dispenser
    8. Pantry Hygiene Solutions
    9. Desktop & Cafeteria Tissues
    10. Large Bed Rolls
    11. Greenlime Natural Tissues
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      Facial Tissues  
          Greenlime's facial tissues with their super-soft feel and ideal wet-strength, do not shred on skin leaving behind a perfectly clean wipe and rejuvenated spirit. The unique flower embossed pattern makes the tissues extra fluffy and super absorbent. Pocket tissues are available in a convenient-to-carry, handy pack that fits snugly into a purse or pocket. Greenlime's cologne wet wipes offer instant freshness and hygiene. They clean, cool and moisturise, and are safe on all skin types.

      Greenlime pocket tissues come in a convenient-to-carry, handy pack that fits snugly into a purse or pocket.

      Salient Features (Facial Tissues)
      ? Hygienic, disposable facial tissues
      ? Premium-quality, 100% virgin fibre tissue paper for better strength and softness
      ? Ply bonding with crimping prevents ply separation
      ? Ideal to wipe sweat and dirt to keep skin dry and fresh
      ? Absorbent tissue — ideal for use during cough and cold, dab small cuts and bruises hygienically, wipe off ink spillages on study desk

      Napkins & Serviettes  
       Super soft, super absorbent napkin that do not shred on the skin. Ideal for wiping lips and fingers after snacks or dinner to leave you and your guests fresh and comfortable.

      Napkins are single ply for wiping hand and mouth. Serviettes are premium 2 ply napkins for serving during special occasions.
      They come in following packs:

    14. Pop-up napkins – Greenlime Pop-Up Napkins come in a convenient, portable pack, that come in really handy on workstations, conference
    15. tables, coffee tables etc.
    16. Cocktail serviette– 20x20cm
    17. Snack serviette– 30x30cm
    18. Dinner serviette - 40x40cm
    19. Salient Features of Pop-Up Napkins
      • Soft and super absorbent
      • Interlocked to ensure easy disposal
      • Cost effective
      • Convenient one-at-a-time dispensing
      • Each tissue is of consistent size and quality

      Menthol Wet Wipes

        Menthol Wet wipes enriched with natural extracts-100% safe on skin. It suites to all skin types. Equips you to fight cold and flue anywhere always.

      Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitising Wipes
      Greenlime Anti-Bacterial Hannd Sanitising Wipes, ensure germ-free hands.It is enriched with Triclosan for protection from germs, and Aloe Vera for skin nourishment.
      Rejuvenating Wet Wipes
      Enriched with natural extracts to keep skin clean,healthy and protected. Super-soft and thick wipes for your tender skin. Keeps you refreshed anywhere.Convenient pocket pack for traveling, in-offices and in-parties.
      Cologne Wet Wipes
      Cleanses, Cools and Moisturizes, keeping you fresh all day. Safe for all skin types. Convenient pocket pack for travelling, in-offices and in-parties.